Rentable Hair Extensions

For those special events, a date with that someone wonderful, an anniversary, a premiere or opening night or even a wedding, maybe even your own! Extensions are a great way to make a statement, without requiring permanent changes. But up until now it has been a costly experience. Now you can rent our extensions for only $75. Thats a savings of $300-$600. 

Having over 12 years’ experience styling weddings, and professional shoots we have decided that renting out our extensions is a definite must. If you are wanting a beautiful updo that looks impossible to accomplish with your hair as is? No problem adding our extensions to your hair will give you that gorgeous end result. Weddings are expensive and having luxurious thick, long hair is now affordable for anyones budget. 

What do you get? Included in your rental price are the following:

  • 5 days of extension rental, plus 2 days for shipping returns
  • Extension specialist to match your desired Hair color and length 
  • A personal extension consultation on how to apply and wear our extensions 

When you need to return the hair extensions, simply bring back to our location or place it into the provided envelope, and post it. Simple, isn’t it? When we receive the extensions back they go through a 3 step cleaning process involving inspections, cleaning, and sanitizing. We have taken the worry and hassle out of you obtaining that spectacular look. We are looking forward to helping you.  Contact us, if you have any questions. (801)609-7718

Cassie Nicholls